# Introduction

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Communicate with your feathers js server from flutter app with unbelieved ease and make happy your customers.

Infos: Feathers js is a node framework for real-time applications and REST APIs.

# Documentation

Documentation is now available from: https://dahkenangnon.github.io/flutter_feathersjs.dart/ (opens new window)

# Tutorial

Coming tutorial at: https://dah-kenangnon.com/ (opens new window)

# Deployment

This package can be used in production app.

# Support

Please email to dah.kenangnon@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments or business support.

# Contributing

Please feel free to contribute to this project by opening an issue or creating a pull request.

# Project status

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# Infos

In this documentation, we are using the demo api and app for illustration. See at the bottom for demo's link.

# Demo

Feathers demo api repo here: On Github (opens new window)

Feathers demo api site: On heroku (opens new window)

Flutter demo app: On Github (opens new window)

Last Updated: 3/5/2022, 2:13:29 PM